X-14 Mildew Stain Remover Recall FAQs

Q. Why is the product being recalled?

A.  Pressure can accumulate inside the bottle and could cause the bottle to fall over and leak, posing a chemical irritation hazard.

Q. Are the products I purchased affected? 

A. Impacted products are X-14 Mildew Stain Remover:



UPC:  041737260015

LOT Codes:

20052 O

20055 O

20057 O

20058 O

20059 O

20062 O

20063 O


UPC: 041737260763

LOT Codes:

20062 O

20064 O

20065 O

20066 O

20126 O

20066 O

20122 O

20125 O

Q. What is the affected UPC and Lot and where can I find this information on the product package?  

A.  The lot code is located on the back of the bottle printed on the label.  Lot codes are listed above.

Q. What should consumers do?

A.  Go to URL: www.x14recall.expertinquiry.com or call 877-598-5726.

Q. What should retailers do?

A.  Retailers have been notified and are removing impacted products from their shelves for disposal.  Retailers with additional questions should refer to the contact information include in their notification letter or call 858-251-5668.

Q.  What reimbursement method is being offered to consumers who have impacted product?

A.  For qualifying purchases reimbursement of $4.49 for the 16oz product and $5.49 for the 32oz product is being offered.  Please go to  URL: www.x14recall.expertinquiry.com or call 877-598-5726 to start reimbursement process.

Q: Is the CPSC forcing you to recall the products?
A. No.  This is a voluntary fast track recall done in cooperation with the CPSC.

Q. How did you find out about the possible issue?

A. On June 15, employees at WD-40 Company’s distribution center in Memphis, Tennessee, noticed that bottles included in certain lots of X-14 appeared to be deforming due to pressure build up.

Q. Have there been any adverse events related to this issue?                                                                                      

A.  No consumer complaints have occurred at the time.

Q. Have you stopped shipping the impacted product?

A.  Yes

Q. Can you provide assurance that the product that we are buying from you is perfectly safe?

A. Yes, the reason for the pressure accumulation has been determined and corrected.   All impacted product lots have been identified.  Retailers were notified in early July to remove all impacted X-14 products from shelves and inventory. 

Q. When will you resume shipping?   

A. WD-40 Company has updated its manufacturing protocols to prevent future occurrences, however, future shipping dates have not yet been determined.


Q. What is being done about reimbursement for medical bills/doctor visits? (related to an adverse event)

A.  Anyone suffering personal injury should seek immediate medical attention

      For medical questions or to file a claim for reimbursement related to an adverse X-14 Mildew Stain Remover event call:  1-888-324-7596